How to Create Bitrue API?

Creating a Bitrue API is essential for automating your cryptocurrency management and trading. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up your Bitrue API step-by-step, making it easy […]

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How to Calculate Your Crypto.com Taxes?

Log In to your Crypto.com Exchange account.

Go to your Profile in the upper right-hand corner after logging in.

Select “Settings,” then go to “API Keys.”

Click “Create a new API key,” enter a description or label, and input your 2FA code.

A public and secret key will be generated. You can set up IP restrictions if needed. By default, new API keys are set to “Can Read.” You can enable trading for the API key if you want.

To enable trading or withdrawals, you must whitelist an IP address for added security.

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How to Create AscendEX API?

Creating an API (Application Programming Interface) for AscendEX might seem like a complex task, but don’t worry—we’re here to help. In this blog post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating an AscendEX API. Whether you’re a trader looking to automate your trading or an investor aiming to streamline operations, this guide will help you get started with ease.

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How to do your AscendEX taxes ?

To simplify your AscendEX tax reporting, try using Catax, a very efficient cryptocurrency tax calculator. Here are the easy steps:

Create a Catax account: Sign up and choose India as your country and INR as your currency.

Connect with AscendEX: Link your AscendEX account to Catax to automatically import your transaction details.

Sort your transactions: Catax will organize all your AscendEX activities into gains, losses, and income.

Download your tax report: Get a detailed Catax tax report for a clear view of your crypto finances.

File your taxes easily: Use the report to file your taxes online or give it to your tax advisor for assistance.


How to Create WhiteBIT API?

Generating an API (Application Programming Interface) key for WhiteBIT, or any cryptocurrency exchange, is a smart move. At first, a WhiteBIT API key acts like a special code that lets […]